6:30 pm
Raindrops and Reposes - Adults
1 hour with Debbie Young
FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH ONLY. Our Signature offering! You know it’s Feel Good Friday, right? You have no idea HOW good until you come try this beautiful Raindrop Technique/Guided Meditation combo! This unique workshop gift is offered the First Friday of the Month. Bring a friend & treat yourselves to this experience that will delight your senses & soothe your soul. The lights are low & the space is warm, peaceful, & cozy as you are guided into a DEEP resting state. (Snoring allowed!) Essential oils fill the air as you lay snuggled under a blanket, eye pillow over your eyes. More oils are gently massaged along the face as you receive gentle Raindrop Technique strokes along the feet, arms, & back. You SO deserve to end your week being pampered in this way. Book early to reserve your bliss! Space fills quickly!